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We believe the future of Strengthening Families™ is in creating a “new normal” for child- and family serving organizations and systems, so that they see their work as building protective and promotive factors to reduce the potential for child maltreatment, to bolster resilience and mitigate the impact of traumatic events when they occur, AND to create the best possible environment for the development of children and youth.

Strengthening Families Georgia (SFG) represents a multi-disciplinary partnership of nearly 50 national, state and local, and public and private organizations dedicated to embedding five research-based Protective Factors into services and supports for children and their families. Download Full Overview

OUR VISION. All families with children birth through age five in Georgia have the resources and support necessary for a meaningful and successful life.
OUR MISSION. To utilize the Strengthening Families assets-based framework of Protective Factors in all systems, programs, services and activities supporting families with young children as the approach to achieving the vision.
OUR GOALS. The primary Strengthening Families Georgia goal is that all agencies, organizations and individuals serving families with young children will embed the Strengthening Families Framework into systems, programs, services and activities.


  • Embedding Strengthening Families into All Child and Family Serving Organizations
  • Creating Family Strengthening Child Welfare Practices
  • Building Parent and Community Partnerships
  • Enriching Professional Development
 An overview and rationale being the work of Strengthening Families Georgia

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Executive Summary


The 2-page Fact Sheet (Spanish Version) identifies the mission, vision, Protective Factors, a brief SFG history, the SFG Leadership Team, and contact information.

The Talking Points for Parents and Professionals help you explain Strengthening Families to others.

The Elevator Speeches for Parents and Professionals are helpful when you need to briefly explain Strengthening Families. Please consider adding the SFG Fact Sheet or SFG Website Verbiage to your website.

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The SFG 2014 – 2015 Accomplishments

  • 2016 SFG: Training of the Trainers: Total Trained- 60
  • 2015 SFG: Training of the Trainers: Total Trained- 44
The SFG Logic Model identifies the pathways of Engagement, Education, and Training and Technical Assistance to reach the short term outcomes, the intermediate outcomes of system change and the long term outcomes of optimal child growth and development and reduced likelihood of child abuse.


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