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With continued funding and the expertise and support of a multi-disciplinary Leadership Team and Partnership Strengthening Families Georgia has seen steady growth and expansion beyond early childhood, and includes cross-disciplinary efforts and parent partnerships to produce changes in practices and policies. If you are aware of funding opportunities that would be a good fit for SFG or would like to embed the Protective Factors into your organization please contact strengtheningfamiliesga@gmail.com.

The Leadership Team embodies our mission of utilizing the protective factors framework in all programs and services. The Leadership Team is made up of approximately 20 members and provides direction and guidance for embedding the five protective factors in all areas of related work through:

  • Policy and systems changes
  • Data driven decision-making
  • Integration and prioritization
  • Resource identification and leverage
  • Coordination and collaboration with similar state efforts

The Partnership represents a broad range of over 50 partners who help embed Strengthening Families into their work settings and communities. The Partnership is charged with implementing the Strengthening Families Georgia Strategic Plan. To attend meetings and be actively involved contact Jeanette Meyer, Strengthening Families Georgia Statewide Coordinator at strengtheningfamiliesga@gmail.com.

Supporters though unable to attend meetings and be actively involved, want to remain informed and updated about Strengthening Families Georgia. To receive updates on Strengthening Families Georgia please send your name and email address to strengtheningfamiliesga@gmail.com.