FamiliesBeing a parent is one of the most challenging and rewarding tasks we will ever undertake in our lives. Strengthening Families Georgia wants to help families build on their strengths by being resilient, connecting with others, and being able to find support when needed. Our vision is that all families with children birth through age five have the resources and support necessary for a meaningful and successful life.

Happy Young Mixed Race Ethnic Family Walking In The Park.We also know how important it is to understand how children develop in all areas including how to help child be socially and emotionally competent.

We hope you enjoy the following pages which are full of parent newsletter articles, ways to connect with other parents and parent engagement possibilities, and other resources to help your child grow and learn.

Ideas for Kids and Families

Strengthening Families Georgia Parent Modules

There are SFG Parent Modules that focus on the 5 Strengthening Families Protective Factors which provide a common framework for collaboration that is intentional, purposeful, and focused on promoting optimal development of young children and strengthening their families. Learn more and request a parent training here.

Kids Boost

A new non-profit based in Cumming, Georgia, believes that kids want to give back and make a difference. Kids Boost creates a sustainable cycle of giving by equipping kids to serve others. They provide children with $100 in startup funding and a coach to help them create a fundraiser for a cause of their choice. At the end, the children learn how they are able to coordinate efforts and collaborate with businesses and organizations to give back and raise awareness for a good cause.

The Great Kindness Challenge: Family Edition

This program encourages and empowers families to not only deepen their connections with each other, but their communities too. It started in 2012, from a school initiative when students brainstormed 50 ways to be kind at school. The initiative grew into a non-profit and has checklists posted online for your family to participate. This program is now part of a larger campaign called Peace for Kids. “We want parents to know that empathy and kindness are critical skills we all need to cultivate especially with our kids.”

Be Fearless Be Kind

BE FEARLESS BE KIND is Hasbro’s new signature philanthropic initiative. It’s designed to inspire and empower kids to have the compassion, empathy and courage to stand up for others and be inclusive throughout their lives. The call to action is simple: BE FEARLESS BE KIND. It often takes courage to do the right thing. The goal is to elevate this issue and provide resources to help parents and kids with the ultimate goal of building a kinder generation. A generation where all kids are included; appreciated; where empathy and compassion are nurtured in kids, and where kids know the feeling of doing the right thing. View the toolkit for parents and educators here.