Young Family Playing With Happy Baby Son At HomeConnecting with Others
Do you sometimes wish you had someone to talk to about your child or just what’s happening in your life? Do you sometimes need someone to help you out? Besides having someone to do things with connecting with others helps us be more resilient when the tough times come. Here are a few practical ideas about how to connect with others.

  • Exchange babysitting
  • Talk about potty training, giving up a blanket or pacifier, limiting TV time
  • Find another family whose child will go to the same elementary school as your child
  • Volunteer as a room mother
  • Participate in a summer reading club for adults or children
  • Plant flowers together
  • Join any club or group that shares one of your interests
  • Go to community events together
  • Become involved in a faith-based activities

GrandfatherConnecting with Other Parents of Children with Disabilities

Parent to Parent (P2P) is Georgia’s Parent Training and Information Center and Family to Family Health Information Center. P2P provides training throughout the state to help families with children with disabilities become better advocates for their children.

For further information about upcoming training and events check out the training calendar on their website at or call them at 1-800-229-2038.