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SFG Parent Modules

The SFG Parent Modules focus on the 5 Strengthening Families Protective Factors which provide a common framework for collaboration that is intentional, purposefuland focused on promoting optimal development of young children and strengthening their families. 

1. Parental Resilience- Parents Can Bounce Back
2. Social Connections- Parents Have Friends
3. Knowledge of Child Development- Parents Know How Children Grow and Learn
4. Concrete Support in Times of Need- Parents Know Where to Turn for Help
5. Social and Emotional Competence of Children- Children Learn to Talk About and Handle Feelings

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Describing Protective Factors to Parents

SFG Parent Café

The SFG Parent Cafés are conversations among parents about what it takes to keep their families strong. Parent Cafés can take place in early childhoodwCafeBig centers or other friendly environments, and they’re a safe place to talk about the “hard stuff.” Trained parents lead the discussion as parent participants explore questions that really matter—about taking care of yourself, raising strong children, and building strong relationships with your children. The Parent Café model is based on the World Café model for engaging people in conversations that matter.

Parent Cafés offer:
1. An approach for engaging parents and families in conversations about themselves and their children
2. A method for building protective factors in families
3. An opportunity for developing parent leadership

Be connected with a Parent Facilitator in your area for a Parent Module training or help hosting a Parent Café by contacting 

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