Social Worker Talking To Mother And Children At HomeProfessionals like you play a major role in Strengthening Families. There are so many different ways you can make small but significant changes using the Strengthening Families Framework and the five Protective Factors in your everyday work. We also hope you actively help shift policies and systems that allow and/or promote a more strengths-based practice.

Strengthening Families is an approach, not a model, that:

Values, supports, and engages families and professionals by

  • Supporting parents’ ability to parent effectively
  • Involving parents as partners in achieving good outcomes for children
  • Engaging parents effectively through programs
  • Engaging parents directly in mutually supportive relationships that build protective factors
  • Partnering with parents to help design systems and policies that work for children and families

Pays attention to the research on

  • Critical periods of development – early childhood and adolescence
  • Importance of nurturing relationships in early childhood
  • Effects of trauma on development, behavior and outcomes

Provides tools and guidance to align practice with what we know about Strengthening Families and the Protective Factors. For more information visit: