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Six individual 2-hour SFG training modules canSFG Overview Slide image be presented face-to-face by one of the 258 approved SFG Trainers. Five of the trainers are bilingual and can present in Spanish.

The SFG modules for professional audiences:

  1. Strengthening Families Georgia: An Effective Approach to Supporting Families and Communities (This Overview also meets Quality Rated requirements for the Family Engagement Standard)
  2. Strengthening Families Through Parental Resilience
  3. Strengthening Families Through Social Connections
  4. Strengthening Families Through Knowledge of Child Development
  5. Strengthening Families Through Concrete Support in Times of Need
  6. Strengthening Families through the Promotion of Social and Emotional Competence in Children

Click here for a description of each module along with the learning objectives. 

Who are they intended for?

These trainings are intended for family and child serving professionals, community agencies, school or early care employees, or anyone who is interested in supporting families in their area.

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Who can request a training?


Strengthening Families Georgia Protective Factors Modules provides face-to-face training by SFG approved Trainers. If you need BFTS approved training, please note on the Trainer map which trainers are BFTS approved and can provide DECAL approved training.

Any group can request SFG training from a trainer on the map. Please note that travel expenses, handout printing, and refreshments are the responsibility of the requestor. Some SFG trainers offer the SFG training without charging a presentation fee if they are still meeting their commitment to offer three free trainings. Others who have already met their commitment may charge a presentation fee for the training. As with any training the requestor should check all details with the individual trainer prior to scheduling.

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